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SmartCap was formed out of the rugged terrain of Africa. Every inch was built to withstand the twisting and jostling of offroad trails. To be watertight during torrential flash floods and dust-tight over thousands of miles driving through the bush—the African elements seeping into everything they encounter. Everything that is, but the SmartCap.

At Ultraguard, we are proud to offer our customers the innovative SmartCap canopy system. This world-first modular truck cap system is a modular 5-piece stainless steel design which provides exceptional durability and strength. With the SmartCap, you can customize your bakkie exactly how you want it.

Organization and storage are a breeze with seamlessly integrated components that allow you to keep all your tools and equipment neatly organized within your bakkie.


SmartCap canopies are engineered to be the toughest, most versatile canopies on the market. They withstand even the harshest weather conditions and offer lockable storage compartments - they provide the ultimate protection for your personal belongings.


SmartCap canopies are specially designed for Double Cab models, making them a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Available for Toyota Hilux and Landcruiser, Isuzu D-Max, Ford Ranger, VW Amarok, Jeep Gladiator, Mitsubishi Triton.

The Commercial canopy is also available for the Toyota Hilux Extended Cab.

5-Piece SmartCap component

The Gullwing Door openings are around 17% taller than the average side window you’ll find on a fiberglass canopy — making it that much easier to access cargo or bolt in a SmartCap Component.

Push Button Access

The design of the low-profile latching mechanism seamlessly flows into the SmartCap door and can be opened with just the push of a button.

All six locks are keyed alike for maximum security and easy access.


Sleekly designed into the top of the cap, our integrated Roof Rails allow you to utilize other SmartCap components for mounting roof-top tents, bikes, kayaks, ladders — you name it. Plus, if you already own a rack system, no problem. Their universal design allows you to mount just about anything.

SmartCap Components

They are essential for you to organize your bakkie fit your life. Drop a Camp Kitchen into one Gullwing Door for pasta bolognese under El Cap and a Drawer-Bin in the other to keep your tools organized. Whatever you’re after, build your truck bed exactly how you want it.

SmartCap Model Range


Forged from steel (not fiberglass), it could be said the SmartCap EVO is built like a truck, not a boat. From off-roading to the job site, it’ll withstand the daily abuse you give it, while also being able to hold up to 150 kg when moving or 349 kg when parked.*

*With some applications SmartCap's load capacity may exceed that of your truck's bed. Please consult your Owner's Manual to avoid damaging your truck or voiding your warranty.



The SmartCap EVOa Adventure has been built for extreme on-road and off-road use. From its 5-piece modular stainless steel design to the double-walled stainless steel Gullwing doors with interior Molle Panel for mounting your gear, this thing will take all the adventure you can throw at—and then some.


EVOc Commercial

Manufactured out of automotive-grade stainless steel, the EVOc is a brilliantly engineered commercial truck bed cap system. The double-walled steel side doors with the optional Security Screen provide incredible strength and protection for your truck bed. Plus, outfit your EVOc with SmartCap Components to build the ultimate commercial truck based on your cargo management needs.

Available in OE White for the Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Hilux, Toyota Land Cruiser*, and VW Amarok double cab applications.

* Land Cruiser does not include Third Brake Light and comes with a different rear door configuration. 

** Third Brake Light is not available for the Next Gen Ford Ranger or 2023+ VW Amarok.

SmartCap+EVOc+Commercial+Amarok+Next+Gen+WH+5+Passenger+Rear+Three+Quarter (1).jpg

EVOd Defender

Defend your truck and cargo from the abuse of the road with a SmartCap EVOd Defender. Every door and panel is built out of stainless steel to hide and protect your cargo from would-be thieves—significantly reducing the ole smash and grab. Plus, whatever the road or job site throws its way, the SmartCap EVOd is built to take it—and then some.

Available in Matte Black for the Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, Mitsubishi Triton, Toyota Hilux, and VW Amarok double cab applications


* Third Brake Light is not available for the Next Gen Ford Ranger or 2023+ VW Amarok.

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